Within the cold room her body stirred. She sat up, wiping a cold sweat of a nightmare from her brow. Her hazel eyes peered off into the impenetrable darkness of her room as she bit into her lower lip. "Just a dream, just a dream…" If only what she'd dreamt of was just a dream, and not a memory.

The young girl eyes spun up to the open closet door as she wondered if it if was open like that before she'd gone to sleep. Her body shook as she grabbed the blanket, pulling it up over herself as she pressed down against the bed.

She never did like that thing in her closet. She was pretty sure it liked her though. She didn't like that fact either.

The girl took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, trying to fall back into her always uneasy sleep. She didn't want to get up and walk past her closet if the door was open. If the thing was in there, she knew it'd grab her. It always did. Then it made her do bad things. She didn't like that.

There was a sound of her clothes moving upon the metal bar. The hangers were scratching against the pole as always. It was moving.

Her eyes opened up once more as she peered straight forwards at the wooden wall. The girl sent up a prayer that it didn't know she'd woken up, but it was pointless. The thing knew.

The little girl heard the thumping footsteps, clumsily attempting secrecy, as they hit the wooden floor of her room. A gentle creak went off as the black figure leaned forward, putting a large muscular hand on the girl's cheek. It's large masculine voice piped up. "Having trouble sleeping, Mattie? Don't worry, you won't need sleep for awhile."

Mattie whimpered under the familiar touch, tears coming to her eyes. "Please don't touch me anymore…"

The black figure gave a glistening grin, drawing back the girls covers and moving into the bed next to her. The figure was clearly an adult, but the rest of his figures were indistinguishable in the light. A hand came up under the girls pajamas, touching the trim of her panties.

"You know I can't help it. … I have to touch you, and you know what you have to do."


The end.

That was just creepy, even for me. Sometimes my brain does things without me.