Everything, stolen from her

Every last defense, vanished inside of her

She screams and moans into the rag

But nothing she shrieks can escape the gag

He pinned her down to the wall

He held her there, and took it all

She knew her innocence would never last

But she never thought she would lose it so fast

Her sweat-streaked body slid backwards and forwards

He pushed her and slammed her against the boards

The end drew near, and she writhed in pain

Her tainted body dropped to the ground in shame

Tears twist and wrench themselves from her eyes

Back home and tired, she wishes she had died

She was beaten and used, left alone, raped

She feels unlucky, though she escaped

Now suicide never removes itself from her brain

The feeling of inadequacy drives her insane

Nobody knows, and nobody cares

It always seems like no one is there

She wants relief, but it never comes

She's stuck down inside her private slums

She was abused and attacked by someone she held dear

She was mistreated and raped, now she's no longer here

Cory Reid