"Yes dear."

"Why is that place called Forbidia?"

Interruption. "'Cause it's forbidden! Duh!"

"Starlight, sh."

"Well Mama?"

"It is forbidden, Lily dear. It is called Forbidia because of that."

"Why is it forbidden?"

"My dear, if you fall in there, you will not come out."

"Why Mama?"

"The sides are too sharp and rough inside to grasp, and the opening too small to let your spread wings through."

"Can't someone save you, Mama?"

Interruption. "It took all the guards to get the Master Smither out when he fell."

"Starlight, sh."

"Well, Mama?"

"Someone may save you."

"Like the Twilight Guard?"

"Yes dear, like them."

"Will it really take so many?"

"For you, Lily, only a few."

"Ok Mama."

"Are you satisfied?"

"Yes Mama."