(To My Love Be Loved)

I walked down the great picture (s of) scenes of Paris
forty-five thousand dollars taped to the soles of (the soul of) my feet
dirty paper to lead my life in freeform origami instruction (for gutter or for worse)
to Boston or to life and love and virginity (or removal thereof) that took me from Kansas
to where I was born (by train, by plane, by click.click.click wish name be named) to love
all that made me push (a beg) and drive to create for inspiration's sake to
take and build me to visual crescendo (a forte in the vocabulary of
nursing home history) that always paid for it's debt in the words it coined
and took to finished with school freedom, a round 2 for good luck (I'll need it) while
sequins lined your ocean as you spun and imagined yourself wearing it there (Paris,
Paris! Shout to me what I'll miss, for otherwise I won't remember it!) to my love be loved
be Boston (be Boston)