I want to be famous because I'm shallow
I don't want to know everything because I'm not stupid
I'm stupid because I don't know what I'm talking about
I'm oxymoronic because I think it's cool

I want to be a hero because I think it's easy
I don't want to be a martyr because I don't wanna die
Sometimes I wanna die becasue I get really weak
I want to be happy because I'm a person
I don't know what's good for me because of that, too

I've a few tendencies very self-destructive
I want to know people because I don't want to die
I want to remember my entire life
I know I won't remember because I'm not an animal

I want to be perfect because I'm an idiot
And I do not know what I'm talking about
I wish I could know what I'm talking about
It kind of always hurts

I'm blunt