Chapter 1.

The young women slept soundly underneath her white covers. Her breathing was low and hushed, as if she wasn't breathing at all. She dreamt dreams of her friends, family, and loving boyfriend, Blake. Blake was her world.

In the forever present dream, the young women dreamt that Blake and she were holding hands, walking down a path in the woods. It was dark out and Blake was whispering sweet words of affection in her ear, while she smiled, and giggled constantly. Her long auburn hair was blowing behind her from a non existing wind. His layered blonde hair was still, and motionless. She wore a simple white dress, designed for cool summers, and Blake wore a suit that one would wear to perhaps a wedding ceremony.

As they walked in peaceful bliss, she suddenly heard the snapping of a twig a few feet away.

"What was that?" she asked in alarm.

Blake looked around and said, "I didn't hear anything."

The young women suddenly became paranoid, and as Blake started biting her ear playfully, she stopped him.

"Blake, listen," she said pulling away and hearing the noise again, "Don't you hear it?"

"I told you, I didn't hear anything." He said grabbing her hand back into his.

"It sounds like someone is walking nearby." She said, adjusting her hand in his.

"It's probably just an animal." He reassured her, and went back to biting her ear.

She moaned a little as he did this, and started to laugh a little. They both continued to walk through the woods, as the full moon gave them light to see around in.

It was only a couple minutes, when suddenly, the young women, hear the noise again, only louder, and closer.

"I hear it again Blake." She said hastily.

Blake let go of her hand, and said, "Good-bye my love."

With that, he started walking away.

"Blake! Wait!" she screamed.

But she couldn't move, and right where Blake was headed was where the moon would not shine; right towards the noise that echoed throughout the woods.

The young women tossed and turned in her covers, and suddenly woke.

Panting, she surveyed where she was. She was safe in her room and not in the dream.

Once her heart rate calmed down, she lay back down, and tried to fall asleep again. Alas, she had no such luck. As she rubbed her eyes, trying to tire them, she suddenly heard the sound of a snapping twig.

Her breathing almost stopped, as her eyes widened with fear.

'Just a dream. It was just a dream.' She said mentally.

The noise came again and again. It wasn't long before the women started to cover her ears, and prayed silent prayers to god.

That was when she heard a tapping at her window.

The young women yearned to look. She had to look, but her eyes refused to move to the window.

The tapping ceased suddenly, and the young women sat up without looking at the window.

'I must get out of this room.' She thought to herself.

Swiftly, and without looking at the window, she got out of bed, and headed to her door.

As she opened it, she came face to face with a dark figure.

Before she could scream, his hand was over her mouth, and he had pushed her onto the bed. She struggled violently to get away, and screamed inside his hand.

"Shhhh. Be still." The voice whispered soothingly.

She still fought though, and tried to push him off. This attempt failed as he grabbed her arms, and held them tight with his other hand.

Tears started to leak from her eyes, and the young woman was starting to become weak.

With his tongue, he started to lick away her tears, which caused her fear to increase, along with the tears. Her body flailed around, trying to break free from his grasp. It felt like forever, until suddenly, he stopped, and looked straight into her blue eyes. His eyes were dark green, and the young women felt like her soul had just been frozen into ice, and than shattered.

The man took his hand away from her mouth. The girl tried to scream, but realized that she couldn't. She couldn't even move.He brought his hands to her neck, and tilted it to the side. Bringing kisses down on her porcelain skin and all the young woman could do was lay there.It was then she wanted to get free. She had to get free. As he was about to start his assault, her body shot forward, running to the door.He grabbed her by the hair, and threw her to the ground.

The young woman cried out viciously as he jumped on top of her, and she felt a stinging pain on her neck, and darkness became a veil over her eyes.

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