Authors note: Yeah, um, I like this. I hope you guys do too. Little bit strange I think it is. Please review :)

Float up to the sky,
Wonder if time has passed me by…
I fly through clouds,
As a raindrop falls from the heavens above,
And the light hits it as it does,
And it's the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen.
I go to the moon,
I walk there.
I talk there,
Only to myself.
And its like heaven here,
I don't want to leave,
Because at last…
I am happy.
But as everything has to end,
I must leave this beautiful bliss.
So I land on a star,
And time has passed me by,
As well as my life….
I feel so happy here,
And I sing with joy.
But at the same time,
Sadness lurks within me,
Why do I feel this way?
I want to sing the sadness,
Sing the sorrow,
Sing the pain away.
But I don't.
I look to the moon,
And the earth below,
And the planets surrounding me.
My gaze settles on the stars,
So instead…

I sing the stars.