Authors note: Sort of about how people think its so easy to just do something. But...its hard to be happy when your depressed. Its hard to eat sometimes. Its hard to stop cutting/burning/SI'ing when your addicted. I dont think you can snap out of these things. Well, thats what I think lol...

Snap out of it is what they say,
Just be happy,
Have some fun.
Snap out of it they say.

Just eat something they said,
Here's a bagel,
Have a bite,
Eat something they say.

Just stop cutting,
Just stop burning,
Just don't do it.
Fight the urge,
Resist temptation.
Just don't cut they say.

Well its not that easy is what I say.
I cant just "snap out of it",
I cant just "eating something",
I cant just "not cut".

Its not that easy I say.