- Shopper's Revenge -

Oh so many sales!
Fabrics, colours and prices - where do I begin?
I'm torn between that blue shirt and those killer black jeans -
But wait-- Is it? - Could it be?
Yes! It's a wrap-skirt with MY name on it!

Hey! What does that girl think she's doing?
That's MY wrap-skirt!
She just can't DO this to me-
It must be against the law or something...
I mean - I've allready started planning outfits!

Carefully now, - not too obvious,
Sidle up to the rack, be really suave -
Act surprised and 3 - 2 - 1...
"Hey! Isn't that 50 off over there?"

Head-whip and.......Yes!!
Off she runs, abandoning the wrap-skirt,
Pushing hapless customers out of her way -
I suppress a smile - the skirt is MINE!