Lesbian Sex

By Knightmare Elite

For she is the girl I want to fuck

Oh god how can I fathom this luck.

I look into her nervous eyes as she pans my body to my thighs.

My mind is a chaotic frenzy sinful secrets and pleasurable lies.

She parts her lips and calls my name.

I nod wearily to her showing I feel the same.

I drip with desire to bring her to pleasure.

For tonight she will have my greatest treasure.

I look to our right I see her bed.

The look in her eyes is beyond dead.

She again calls my name with bated breath.

I reach for her hand, she pulls away as if I'm death.

It will be okay baby I can never love you any less.

It is then she holds my hand so she can confess.

Her bane is her body which she does not like.

She masks her beautiful breasts, hips and curves in the visage of a dyke.

I was drawn to her very nature so innocent and calm.

She feared the grace of god to love me, turning her back on that very psalm.

We look into each other's eyes searching for that peace.

I hold her tighter as her body goes weak; more than anything I want to give her the release.

I tell her she is beautiful, so soft and sweet.

A tear falls from her check as she makes a retreat.

I hold her back and drop my arms; more than anything I'd like to flirt.

Just to hear her lovely voice is bliss, no time for that as I grab her shirt.

I lay her on the bed repeating all that I said.

She turns to the side, blocking out the bed.

I stop and lie by her side; I would never to anything to hurt my sweetheart.

She looks at me with big pouty eyes all but melting my heart.

I take off my clothes; my self confidence is another story.

For she is the girl I want to fuck as I stand here in my naked glory.

Her face turns red and she lies on the bed slowly absorbing my sight.

I get on the bed and gently lie her down as we won't have sex tonight.

I take off her shirt so soft and warm.

Beneath I can see part of her dazzling form.

She lies motionless as I unclasp her brassiere.

As I stroke her breasts, with a tear she whispers god I am queer.

She closes her eyes as I go to her thighs.

With a tug on her waist comes the opening of her eyes.

I slide down her pants in anticipation for her treasure.

I pull down her panties, so wet emanating her pleasure.

Her face blushes red as her confidence goes dead, now is the time to take a stand.

My mouth waters and heart beast faster, but her pussy is blocked by her shameful hand.

I pull it away because she is gay, we are here as a couple her body is supple.

I love my girlfriend more than I can say why is she ashamed she turned out this way?

A tear rolls down my cheek; I hate these affections so frill and weak.

I tell her don't ever be ashamed for anything she was, only in my mind I was too afraid to speak.

I know she loves me and I love her, but can we take this astronomical step?

I'm so flat and skinny and still I was kept.

I fall upon her body in an honest embrace.

Breast against breast face touching face.

She invites her tongue and I caress her breast.

With a slight hesitation she grabs my breast.

We lie together kissing so sweet.

If we only go this far I would never retreat.

She looks into my eyes and guides my hand between her thighs.

So warm and so wet her pussy grips me tightly, I can get used to doing this nightly.

She says she loves me holding me tighter.

It hurts a little but I'm not gonna fight her.

For this is the girl I want to fuck.

But tonight for the first time we make love, oh imagine my luck.