I don't know what to think

I don't know how to word it

I haven't felt this way

since my first relationship began.

I think I'm in Like.

I feel butterflies when I'm around you

my tongue is tied

my intellect drops.

Your hair is HandsomE

when you shake your head

to brush it out of your face.

I didn't realize you were that kind

of high-shooting guy.

Your smile is charming,


slightly BemuseD.

I'm not after your looks though.

i'm not that sort of girl.

We have the same tastes in music

and music is my world.

Does that mean anything?

Does that mean nothing?

Does that have any sense in it?

There's something about you

that stops me in my tracks

Something I've never seen before

It's like my cooking

to an extent.

It looks so bad

but it tastes pretty good.

You make yourself out to be the bad guy

but we all know you'd never do anything


You're the guy you'd think they'd want.

Bad-ass look. Skater shoes. Sax player. All that jazz.

But nobody wants you.

I am nobody.

I don't want you like that, though.

I want to get to know you

before I make up my mind.

But on the inside,

I think my mind's already made up.

Put two and two together:

If I can't think of what to say

And if I'm thinking about you this much,


I think I'm in Like

and I don't know what to do

because you're so discouragingly passive

with girls

that I doubt you'd like me back.