-Fabled Road
- - Destinations-

What am I doing here?
Where am I going?
On this road that is life,
what's my destination?

- - Distant places in the past,
- - Feelings that were thought to last,
- - Forgotten ends to journeys cast
- - From fading Mem'ries, Fading fast.

If life is a path,
That I am to follow,
Then where are the signs,
That lead to tomorrow?

- - Darkness falling all around,
- - And I am breaking with the sound,
- - Trapped upon the rotting ground,
- - This fabled road cannot be found.

Purpose and meaning,
Bright guiding lights,
faithlessly leading us
Out of the night...

Fictionpress no longer alows quite a few things... So I had to compromise
(- -) indicates a TAB, I assume you know what a tab is
( - ) indicates a "squiggly," someting i use to frame the titles of my poems
I'm trying my best, I know it looks strange.