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She's unbelievably rich, impossibly glamorous and undeniably beautiful but nobody's life is perfect. Her ex-boyfriend who she just can't seem to get over is getting married to her absolute worst enemy. Worst of all she's invited to the wedding. Enter a tall handsome stranger, not the prince charming she's always dreamt of. No, he surpasses all her wildest dreams. One problem: he's her ex-boyfriends best-friend which immediately classifies him as the enemy. Even if he's so cute, so charming, so nice and has the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen.


Somebody please shoot me.

Or stab me. Either way I don't mind. I have been invited to a wedding. What's wrong with that you may ask? You see, it's the wedding of my ex-boyfriend (who by the way is like 5 years older then me) and my worst enemy. The other problem is well…the reason we broke up it sort of complicated. I saw him cheating on me with her (my worst enemy a.k.a. Gracie) in MY bedroom. His shirt was undone, her skirt half way up her butt (what a complete and utter SLUT!). Their lips were locked in a tight embrace and the rest was history. The goddess only knows, how many times I cursed those sheets before burning them.

And so I dumped him, c'est la vie. However there's still another itsy bitsy teensy wincey problem, I never really got over him. Sad really, huh? That's not really the worst part either; I have been offered a place as one of the bridesmaids. No it's not a joke, this is all very real. Sound clichéd huh? Well welcome to my life.

I haven't properly introduced myself have I? Opps, like sorry, that was so totally a conversation faux pas. But it's not my fault, as you see certain things detained me. My name is Arianna (don't you DARE laugh!) Standolier. The BOSTON STANDOLIERS you ask?! Bingo! Congratulations, you have just won a round trip airplane ticket to an island of youuuuuuuuuuuur choice. Yes, yes, my family is part of the elite society, the crème de la crème of New England, the small group of people who are just a few leagues above mere mortals. No I'm not arrogant; I'm just simply stating a fact. Moving on…

Hello, bonjour, hola, Ni hao, jambo, aloha, bonjourno… (Read: if I haven't included whatever language you happen to speak I ask for your forgiveness). You see Daddy says it's very important to know how to say hi in as many languages and ways as possible. He says it's diplomatic and international. Not to mention that in my finishing school it was compulsory to be literate in at least two other languages besides English. I learnt 5 (English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian and I can make polite conversation in German and Russian.) You're probably wondering if I'm an overachiever. Well I am. An overachiever that is.

I'm sixteen years old and I'm currently top of my class at Phillips Andover Academy (this private prep school just outside Boston). Why? After all it's not like I have to work! Daddy's money could feed several poverty stricken nations 10 times over. But of course, charity is important, but some of that money has to be spent on me. Like that new car I just got. Sleek creamy-white Mercedes with wine upholstery and all the newest technology. Only the best for Daniel Standoliers little girl. And no I'm not spoiled!

'Yea right.' Wait a moment am I talking to myself! They always say that's the first sign to insanity!

And NO! I'm not spoiled.

'I know, you only whatever you want!'

I DON'T get everything I want!

'Like when…'

Oh that's easy! Countless, countless times


Like…like that time…that time…okay so maybe I am a little spoilt.

'A LITTLE? Try a lot honey!'

I'm not. sniff GO AWAY!

'Fine, fine no need to get into a hissy fit.'

Daddy did get me that merc when I already had an almost brand new cherry red rolls and my personal chauffeured stretch limousine…

FINE! So maybe I'm spoiled!

It's not my fault! I mean what else would happen to daddy's billions. It's not like the money is doing any good sitting in the bank.

And no I don't whine a lot either.

Except when I don't get my way, which never happens, and when nobody is listening to me which should never happen and…

Okay, let's just not talk about. I don't complain. Period.

Now where was I, oh right comp- talking about how clichéd my life is. Now here comes the not cliched part. I spend my own money sometimes. You see, I was blessed with an extremely intelligent mind (hello, I'm top of my class at one of the most prestigious school in America) so daddy put me in charge of the portion of the fashion industry he owns. Oh and I'm also a model. Which brings me back to why in the world Aaron, my ex-boyfriend would cheat on me! Numerous top designers like Calvin Klein (who's a real sweetheart by the way), Christian Dior, Gucci, Prada, Ralph Lauren and beaucoup plus are fighting for me to model for them has got to say something about my looks right. I'm BEAUTIFUL! As in totally gorgeous. What does Gracie (who by the way has a horrendous overbite) have that I don't have?

'Besides a much more humble and modest personality…'

Oh do go away. I don't want voices in ye head. I'll tell daddy if you don't go away. Okay…I'm prettier then her, smarter then her, much more desirable then her…oh, I can tell what your thinking, you think I'm lying. Well fine, read this excerpt from a magazine:

'Arianna Standolier one of our favorite heiress is truly a class act. Top of her class at Phillips Andover Academy which for all of you who don't know is an elite private boarding school close to Boston, top executives in one of her fathers companies, professional equestrian and (now that part isn't quite true, I'm not too talented at anything to do with exercise…far too taxing…but hey it makes me sound cool so I'm not telling the magazine it made a mistake) debating champion. And the young lady is not all brains; she is certainly one of the belles of high society. Cascading waves of silky mahogany hair fall to a tiny waist, a striking contrast to her creamy porcelain skin. Blessed with the features of an angel, this cutie-pie model has bewitching azure eyes and full red lips charmingly slow to smile. And there definitely isn't much we wouldn't do for one of those dazzling smiles. Possessing an impossible amount of glamour, a charismatic personality, an exquisite beauty and a certain je ne sais quoi we are certainly expecting great things from her in the future.'

Convinced? Good! I thought so. So you see my life isn't that clichéd. Sure I'm a pretty little rich girl who comes top in her class and…if you put it that way of course it sounds clichéd.

End of this conversation.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT THE WEDDING! I can't turn it down, it would be rude and I'm sure there is some rule against this in my society hand book. Oh right…

Rule 57: One must never turn down invitations to important occasions such as wedding and funerals lest the hosts be offended.

Wonderful. Absolutely fucking brilliant. Somebody please shoot me.

So, did you enjoy it? I only know people in Chinese High Society so I'm not to sure about this New England high society so forgive me if I make mistakes. Besides it's writer's license. This chapter was sort of pointless but it's meant to give you an insight into what type of person she is. Don't worry as the tale progresses she will change into an actual human being. Hopefully…

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