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She's unbelievably rich, impossibly glamorous and undeniably beautiful but nobody's life is perfect. Her ex-boyfriend who she just can't seem to get over is getting married to her absolute worst enemy. Worst of all she's invited to the wedding. Then she thinks she's fallenfor the perfect guy but perfection is tained when she meets...a tall handsome stranger who's not exactly the prince charming she's always dreamt of. No, he surpasses all her wildest dreams and is undeniably exactly what she needs. One problem: he's her ex-boyfriends best-friend which immediately classifies him as the enemy. Oh and she's already got a boy-friend who's perfect for her right…?

Date Begun: August 5th 2005

Date Finished: August 10th 2005

Date Posted: August 10th 2005

Chapter 7: Setting the Trend

As the limo pulled gracefully to a stop I jumped landing – on my feet – on the pavement. Smoothing down my cream-colored Japanese-style top I hurried towards the registration area. I was already late…

"HURRY UP GUYS!" I called over my shoulder.

"Gee thanks Ari! Why don't you give us a hand eh?" I heard Gary call back, mock bitterness in his voice.

Turning around, I burst into a fit of giggles. You see last night after I hadn't managed to pack light I had decided to screw the concept and pack my way which is well…pack as much as possible – within reason of course…

Last Christmas, my darling grandmamma had given me a whole set of gorgeous cream-colored luggage that ranged from small handbag to large suitcase and every single piece matched perfectly – a creamy off-white color, with elegant gold embroidery(come to think of it…my luggage matched my shirt...) I had utilized all the luggage, a total of 6 pieces (a small chic handbag, two duffle bags,two mini suitcases and one large suitcase) and in my haste I had only taken the handbag before rushing forwards. Gary and Mathew who were escorting me via their way to the airport (they were going back to university after their break) were juggling the pieces of luggage while trying to keep up with me. I could see several girls eyeing them with interest – uh, whatever, Gar and Matt are way too good for them!

"You look like you could use some help," I say sheepishly grabbing one of the duffle bags.

"No shit Sherlock." Language Matty!

"Push harder Watson," I retorted causing the two idiots to burst into laughter – I loved their laughter, it was rich and creamy like chocolate and so infectious I had to smile.

Finally I reached the registration counter.

"Sorry I'm late," I say, "My name is Arianna Victoria Standolier."

"Well Miss. Standolier you are in room 121," the severe-looking lady behind the counter said.

"Mrs." I paused reading her name tag - Muriel Goodman, "Mrs. Goodman you don't mean that we can't choose who we're rooming with?"

"That's exactly what I mean," She replied and continued on, ignoring my cry of indignation, "It's 4 to a room and you shall be meeting your roommates shortly. Here is a copy of the schedule, your ticket, your room card and your food pass which allows you to eat from any of the restaurants on the yacht. Room service is free." She said all this in a brisk voice but faltered slightly when she saw all my luggage.

"How- How many pieces of luggage are you bringing? 5 is the limit."

"5 well technically 6 but my handbag can't really count right," I reply brightly.

"Very well Miss Standolier. Enjoy your trip," She consents handing my ticket, my schedule among other things.

"Bye Gary! Bye Mathew! Have fun at University!" I call too them from the deck of the boat.

"Sorry we can't stay to see you off! The planes leaving soon! Have a great time," Mathew says.

"Don't do anything we wouldn't do," Gary cautions mockingly.

"Yes Mother," I taunt back.

I blow a kiss at them and giggle as Matt pretends to catch it.

"But seriously, you know our number, if anything and I mean anything happens don't hesitate to call us," Gary began, for once serious.

"…and we'll beat up whatever guy has violated you," Mathew finished.

Scary huh?

"Gu-uys!" I whine, flushing with embarrassment, "You're embarrassing me."

"That's why you love us."

"In your dreams."

"You wound me Anna," Gary replies clutching his heart.

"We must go," Mathew suddenly says urgently, "its 9:30 already!"

With one last parting farewell they were off. I watched them go until the limousine disappeared into the distance.

Now all I had to do was find my room, which is easier aid then done due to my terrible sense of direction – and how am I supposed to carry all this luggage?! From the corner of my eye, I spot a cute, very fit golden-haired boy standing on the deck. I smooth back my ponytail and stride in his direction.

Problem solved!

Schedule for Arianna Victoria Standolier

12:00 Meet around the pool for an informal lunch. Bring bathing suits. This is the first activity and so all students are free to explore the yacht before hand.

11:00…perfect an hour to get ready. I had spent the previous hour or so unpacking into my assigned closet. Realizing that there wasn't enough space I had, had to leave many jeans folded in my suitcase. The room was splendid, a tasteful combination of modern technology and high-end elegance. It was spacious with a fully equipped bathroom attached to the sides and four beds each with a closet. A cluster of comfortable armchairs surrounded a mahogany coffee table and scattered around the room was all the newest technology and various other necessities and comforts. Cream and blue rugs accented the soft floral draperies and crystal vases of pastel orchids. On the coffee table was a silver bowl of the tiniest red roses studded with baby's breath. Heaven…

As the last one to arrive I had, had to take the last available bed which meant I got the one closet to the bathroom but oh well, it'll come I handy if I get the urge at night. By the looks of it the other three girls had already unpacked and gone exploring.

'Fine by me,' I thought as I took in the delicate desserts set out on the marble mantel, cookies, cake, strawberries, drinks (non-alcoholic of course), chips…

I took a huge bite into a gooey brownie – glad to not have to fight for it – and reclined on a large off-white sofa.

Now, what to wear?

Smoothing the invisible wrinkles from the light blue sleeveless summer dress I had donned I entered the pool area. Through the rose-tinted lens of my sun-glasses I surveyed the huge crowd of students from both schools lounging, rather snobbishly – not that it's entirely not hypocritical for me to say so – on deck-chairs and sipping drinks brought to them by the harried waiters. Although some of the students were mingling – I recognized Suzie Hamilton, one of the nicest girls in my year chatting animatedly with several girls I didn't realize and being the social butterfly I am I could only conclude that they were from Silverbirch – almost everyone else stayed within there own clique within their school: Redwood on one side of the pool, Silverbirch bitches (here my school spirit rears its head once more) on another.

I spotted my crowd situated on deck chairs and made my way over to them. I know I said that the people I hung around with were snobbish, superficial and vain but I was p-m-sing so it's safe to assume what I say now will be a lot more objective and truthful. There were definitely members of the crowd that I hung around with who were overly petty and vain but there were others that although snobby and a bit shallow generally nice people.

"Hey guys," I called sauntering over to them, the gentle breeze causing the flirty skirt of my dress to billow around me. I had loosely piled my hair on top of my head, anchoring it with a few jeweled bobby pins – loose tendrils escaped framing my face and down my neck.

A chorus of heys responded to my greeting and they all smiled perfect toothpaste ad smiles at me. I settled down on an empty seat and snagged an ice cappuccino from one of the passing waiters.

"So what room are you guys in?" I ask curiously as I had yet to figure out who my roommates were.

"134, I have to room with that nerd Susan Hamilton and two other 'silverbitches'," Marianna gripped. I grimaced, I had always liked Suzie; what she lacked in the looks department she made up for in a sweet, always giving deposition. Marianna was exactly one of these overly horribly girls I had been talking about but I didn't argue back as despite her attitude she was one of the most popular girls in thesenior year – due to her wealth and all-American good looks.

"Poor you," Bethany cooed, "Susan is likeSO boring. Have you like SEen what she is like WEARing?" I had to like so totally like roll my eyes. Bethany was such a total suck-up and one of Marianna's numerous groupies.

"So anyone in room 121," I asked.

"You mean you don't KNow," Bethany asked.

Well duh…no shit Sherlock. Ignoring her stupidity I explained,

"I arrived a bit late." Sheepish smile.

"Because you slept in Ari dah-ling," Melanie Saunderslaughed running a hand through her glorious raven-black hair.

Everyone laughed my penchant for sleeping in very well known. My temper flared, I hated being laughed at but something that sounded awfully like Matt said in the back of my mind, 'loosen up, they're only kidding.' Calming down I laughed too and repeated my question,

"Does anyone know whose in room 121?"

"Looks like we're sharing," I heard someone say from behind me. Turning around I saw Julie Cantabile a soft smile gracing her lips.

"Fab, do you know who else we're sharing with?" I asked happily. I really like Julie but unfortunately we weren't really great friends, even though we had many of the same friends. Julie's a very popular senior so we had different lunchtimes and since she was like me - an overachiever - our schedules caused us to attend different social functions. However from what I've seen she's very nice and very smart. I can't stand stupid people!

"Well all the dorms are comprised of one Redwood senior, one Redwood Junior, one Silverbirch senior and one Silverbirch junior. I met the senior that's going to be staying with us. She's over," Julz shaded her ears, peering through the crowd, "there."

She was pointing at a tall willowy girl dressed in a buttercup yellow top and jean skirt. Her shiny black hair tumbled to her shoulders in a straight sheet and when she turned around I saw that she had startling green, gold eyes framed with star-point lashes. Something about her looks familiar but I can't quite place it…

"I think she's called Callista Roberts."

"So what's she like?"

"Really, really nice." Gee, descriptive.

But I kept my mouth shut. Someone else would comment and sure enough…

"But she's from Silverbirch," Marianna whined standing up and for once I felt inclined to agree with her.

"Marianna Nicole Ramrad! If you had been paying attention to the teachers you would have noticed that the point of this trip is to improve relations between the two schools," Julie reprimanded sounding awfully like my grandmother. Her eyes were stern and as she glared Marianna took a large step back…


A bit too large probably as she went falling backwards into the pool, sending up an arc of water that hit Julie right in the face.

Everyone stood stunned as Marianna was very popular but then some Silverbirch people began laughing but instead of mocking laughter it was quite genuine and to my surprise the Redwood students joined in. Mari had started a trend – one of her favorite things to do – and people began leaping in to the pool fully clothed.

And so the ice was broken between the Redwood and Silverbirch students which made the teachers very happy which is why they didn't shout at us.

Julie and I looked at each other…

What the heck? When in Rome (or in this case when on a cruise)...

Simultaneously we dived into the pool,ignoring the chlorine filled water soaking through the 100 percentpure silk of my blue dress.

Mother is going to kill me.

The thought made me smile.

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When Alixa meets Gary, a cute sensitive hospital volunteer, she decides to seduce him for fun when she finds out he already has a girlfriend: poor Gary doesn't stand a chance. But when feelings enter the game, all rules areforgotten but one:Never loose your heart...but sometimes loosing is worth the gain.

Victoria doesn't have time for guys, honestly they tookup way too much time, timethat she did not have. Besides she's a snob with very high standereds, not to mention completely clueless and innocent in the game of dating.When she talks to handsome, mysterious William Stanfield she is instantly smitten. He's perfect for her - Gorgeous, Intelligent,Sweet -and best of all he seems to return her affections, but then why does she keep getting distracted by his best-friend, school heartthrob and resident play-boy, Dave...whom she completely hates. He represents everything she's against but even she can't completely elude his she chasing the right boy?

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