we'd whisper bittersweet nonsense
as we laid on your bed & intoxicated
ourselves with pixie stix &
cheap perfume

you've always been obsessed with
skeletal butterflies, starry-
eyed confetti, & graphite
wings drawn on prostitutes

you're just a glitter-eyed girl from
lesbos, obsessed with everything you
can't have & every heart you can't hold

you've always said that you wanted to
stand in the rain until the water
stung your eyes like chlorine & i always
said that there's nothing i wouldn't do for you

you dreamed of gossamer skies & pretty
little girls; absinthe & lsd--your
preferred combinations were never traditional
& i've always admired that about you

i almost convinced you to shoot off into the cosmos
with your makeshift wings & never look
back--but you promised to never let me go;