Can't you see how much I love you?

I would die for you

I know I have hurt you

And I'm so sorry

I cannot go another second without you

Do you know how much I love you

But you love another

I cannot go on without your love

Your touch

I cannot live without seeing you face

Your piercing blue-green eyes

Do you even see me?

I look in your eyes

All I see is hate toward me

But some days when you look at me

I see love and sorrow

Can you tell how I feel by my eyes?

You could never imagine how much I love you

How you are the only one who keeps me alive

Without you I think I would die

You are my everything

Do I mean anything to you?

Every time you give me your cold dark stare

I die a little more

I love you more than what I show you

But you love another

Do you even notice me?

Do you even care?

Would you care if I left you?

Please help me

Tell me I'm worth something

Tell me people care about me

Tell me you love me

Help me be okay