Chapter one: "The power of darkness is with you..."

"We will come for you..."

Sixteen-year old Luna awoke with a start. Shaking and drenched in cold sweat, she pulled herself to a sitting position.

"That's the sixth time I've had that dream this week," she mumbled to herself. "And it becomes more vivid every time."

Tossing the blanket aside, she got off her bed and walked over to her balcony. The cold night air gripped her and her long dark brown hair flew wildly in the wind as she wondered, 'Why me? Of all people, why am I having this dream?"

"You had the same dream again? No way!"

"Yeah, and this time it felt so real that I could still hear that... that 'thing's' voice when I woke up."

"Whoa... now that can't just be a dream."

'Yeah, I figured that..." Luna turned to her two closest friends. "So, if it's not just a dream, what is it then?"

"Umm... indigestion?" suggested Stella as she twirled a lock of her red hair between her fingers.

Serenity raised her eyebrow. "For six consecutive nights? Get real!"

Stella shrugged her shoulders. "Hey, it's possible!"

"Possible, but not likely!" Serenity retorted.

"So? You got a better explanation?"

"Hey guys, cool it will ya?" Luna said, trying to calm down her two friends , who were glaring at each other. "Relax guys!"

"Huh? Oh, sorry Luna..." Serenity apologized.

"Yeah, sorry..." came Stella's reply.

"Nah... It's no problem. I -"

Luna stopped in mid-sentence as all three girls heard a faint scream in the distance.

"Did you guys hear that?"

"Yeah, somebody screamed. But where'd it come from?"

"Somewhere over there." Luna pointed across the park, down the street, to an old run-down building. "Let's check it out!"

The girls dashed across the park, and down the street until they were in front of the building.

"There doesn't seem to be anything wrong here." Serenity commented.

"Then what was that scream we heard?" Stella asked.

"Hold it!" Luna whispered as the two girls fell silent. "Hear that?"

"It's very faint, but I think I can hear people talking." Serenity whispered.

"Let's go around the building. But remember to keep quiet." Luna said, signaling them to follow her.

"Umm... guys? I don't think -" Stella started, but was cut off when Serenity grabbed her arm and pulled her along.

Very quietly, the three girls went around, to the back of the building, where they found a dark alley. Near the end of that alley, they could see human silhouettes.

"Here," Luna said, gesturing to some old carton boxes stacked on top of top of one another. "We'll hide here. Remember not to do anything to give us away."

Crouching behind the boxes, with Stella still complaining, the girls strained to see what was going on. But the afternoon sun was gone, and dusk was settling in, so none of them could see very well, though they could hear what was going on perfectly.

"How could you?" a woman whispered.

"It was his own fault." A man replied. "If he had just listened to us, he'd still be alive."

"But he didn't..." another man said. "so, now he's gone."

"Y-You're not getting away with this..." the woman said.

"Oh really? How come? Are you going to tell the police?" the first man asked mockingly.

"I don't think so..." the second said, walking towards the woman. "You'll be joining your husband soon..." And with that, the man raised his hand, and even in the dark, the girls knew he wielded a gun.

"Can we go now?" Stella whispered. "I don't want to see what happens next..."

"Yeah, me neither." Luna agreed. "Let's go."

"Right, besides we might get caught if -" Serenity was cut off by the deep voice that spoke from behind them.

"You're too late. You've already been caught."

The girls immediately turned around to see three men standing directly behind them, each armed with a pistol.

Luna's heart skipped a beat. 'No way... This can't really be happening...' she thought as Serenity cursed beside her and Stella gasped in fright.

"Well, what do we have here?" said who seemed to be the leader. "Three beautiful young girls, roaming around where they shouldn't be..." he grinned while his companions laughed.

" we aren't supposed to be here...w-we'll be going..." Stella stuttered.

"Not so fast!" one of the men grabbed her arm. "I'm afraid we can't let you go, not after what you've witnessed..."

"What are you talking about? We didn't witness... anything..." Stella's voice trailed off as a trigger was pulled and a gunshot was heard.

Everyone fell silent as they all heard a body fall to the ground. Luna's heart was beating faster than ever. 'Did they shoot Stella?'

The man who had grabbed Stella held his gun up. "Don't worry, your friend's still alive. At least for now..."

Luna's heart slowed down a bit when she found out that Stella was still alive, but it started racing again when she realized they were really in trouble now. They had just heard the fatal shot that took the woman's life away. They would be next, if they didn't do anything.

Serenity turned glaring eyes at her captors. "So, what are you going to do to us? Take us away?"

The man standing behind her grinned. Placing a hand on her shoulder, he said to her, "I'll give you a hint." And with that, he reached down into his pocket, pulled an object out, and held it in front of Serenity's face.

In the dim light given by the moon, Serenity could see her own terrified face reflected on the glistening surface of the dagger.

"A-a dagger..." Serenity whispered.

"Very good... Now do you know what I'm going to do with the dagger?" the man asked her, pushing a few strands of her short black hair away from her neck.

Serenity knew all too well what he was about to do. She tried to open her mouth to speak, but found she couldn't. She was immobilized by fear.

"Serenity..." Stella whispered tearfully as the man held the dagger close to her friend's neck.

"Y-you wouldn't..." Luna said.

"Yes, I would." And with that , the dagger came in contact with Serenity's skin, making a small but visible cut. Serenity winced in pain, as blood dripped out of the wound.

Just then, the assassin and his assistant appeared.

"Boss?" the assistant said, looking surprised. "I didn't expect to see you here." He turned to the three girls. "Who are they?"

"Witnesses..." the boss replied. "We need to get rid of them."

The murderer grinned. "So I have the pleasure of making three more kills?"

"Go ahead. Knock yourself out."

"Here." said Serenity's captor. "You can start with this one." He pushed Serenity to the ground.

"Alright." The assassin's grin widened as he aimed the barrel of the gun straight at Serenity. "Say goodnight!"

Luna stared at the scene before her. Stella was crying and Serenity about to be killed. She shut her eyes.

"This isn't really happening... this isn't really happening..." she kept repeating to herself. Suddenly, a strange felling overwhelmed her. It was like only darkness and shadow surrounded her, and nothing else.

Suddenly, a voice spoke to her. "It is happening. And if you do not do anything, your friend's lives, as well as your own, will be taken away. Remember, the power of darkness is with you..."

Luna opened her eyes once more to the scene before her. The fear in her heart now replaced with rage and hatred at the thought of losing her friends.

"You've killed enough people tonight." She whispered. "Get away from my friends."

The assassin looked up at her. "What was that?"

Luna locked her tear-strained eyes with those of the assassin. "I said to leave them alone!" she yelled.

Suddenly a strong gust of wind blew, and darkness started pressing in on them from all sides.

"What the heck?!"

Stella and Serenity both turned to Luna, who seemed to be the source of all this power. What they saw next truly frightened them. Figures started rising around Luna, dark hooded shadows. The shadows turned towards the girls' captors.

"Prepare to be sent to hell!" the shadows said in a deathly whisper.

"Boss! What's going on?!"

"I don't know!!" the boss yelled, turning to point at Luna. "That girl isn't normal!"

"We'd better get out of here!" yelled the assassin, as the shadows lunged for him.

The rest of the gang agreed, and ran away, leaving the three girls and the shadows.

As soon as the men left, the shadows turned to Luna, bowed, and then disappeared.

Luna dropped to the ground as her friends rushed over to her.