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Chapter 4: Gateway

For five seconds, Razach was bathed in the warmth of the golden light that flashed as he entered the portal. It erased his pain and for a moment, lessened his fear. He felt safe, he felt in that one moment, that everything in the world was right again, everything was as it was, everything was okay. But as the warmth of the light faded and he stepped out of the portal, Razach knew it was just an illusion.

"It's funny," he muttered. "How magic always manages to fool us into thinking our deepest desires have become reality. Even for..." his voice trailed off as he looked around at his desolate surroundings. "Just a few seconds." Razach shook his head and sighed. "You would've thought I'd be used to it by now..."

He looked up at the dark sky, at the two blue moons. Calim the larger one, and Caled the smaller moon.

"Caled is to the right of Calim..." Razach muttered. "So, north is to the right." He turned and headed in the said direction, wincing in pain as he walked. "How annoying... I allowed my dear friend Aidan to burn me like this..." Razach walked on for a few more minutes until he reached his destination.

Towering marble pillars lined the path leading towards a huge stone gate that stretched as far as the eye could see. Nine symbols were etched onto the shining silver doors that served as an entrance into the Gateway.

As Razach approached, the nine symbols started to glow, as if beckoning him to enter.

"Not now..." he murmured, touching each of the symbols, feeling the warmth on his skin. "Not yet..."

"Where is she?" came a soft dangerous voice from behind which immediately made Razach stiffen. He knew without turning who it was. Chard had been waiting for him.

"Where is she?" Chard repeated. "Where is the princess?"

"Sir I..." Razach slowly turned around. "I... encountered some difficulties..."

As Chard narrowed his dark red eyes, Razach felt the anger that flared up within the other demon. Razach slowly took a step back, but he wasn't given a chance to explain.

A dark red aura erupted around Chard while in his eyes danced a flame with the colors of hell. If one were to look at his left claw, he would see there blazed the ninth symbol, the symbol of Chaos, the magic of the demons. It shone, not with bright golden light, but with light the color of dark red. The Chaos Mark was corrupted.

Chard raised his claw, palm facing Razach. With every second that passed, the Chaos Mark shone brighter and brighter, a clear sign that Chard was gathering a lot of energy. Razach froze, he knew what was coming.

"Spirit Annihilation." Chard whispered, and with that he immediately clenched his claw.

It was intense pain beyond imagination. Razach felt like his wings were ablaze with white hot fire. He felt like his body was being ripped apart, torn into a million pieces. His heart, his very soul felt like it was slowly being crushed, life slowly oozing out, dripping away. It was blinding, excruciating pain on every single inch of his body. Razach let out an anguished cry of pain as he dropped to the ground, writing in agony.

Then it stopped.

Razach slowly opened his eyes as he lay on the ground, panting and gasping for air. He struggles to get up as he glanced towards his superior who was just standing there, watching him.

Chard looked at him for a while with emotionless eyes before turning around and saying in the same soft dangerous voice, "Fail me again and I will not hesitate to destroy you." And with that, he turned and spread his wings. One gust on wind, and he was gone.

Razach shakily stood up, pain still coursing through his body. Inhaling deeply, he tried to steady himself. It took a few moments for the pain to subside and for him to be able to stand properly. As soon as he regained control of himself, Razach stood still and closed his eyes.

The Chaos Mark on his left claw flared and enveloped Razach in golden light. His tail seemed to retract back into his body, as did the spikes on his back. His arms and fangs shrank and Razach became smaller. Within a few seconds, the demon had disappeared and in his place stood a more human-like creature. Razach in his True Form.

He had raven black hair with bangs that partially covered his forehead, golden eyes and elf-like ears. He had long nails that almost looked like claws and small fangs to hint his demonic heritage. His wings remained as dark as ever.

As soon as the Transformation was over, Razach walked over to a particularly huge boulder and sat down. He needed to rest a while, and more importantly, he needed to think.

Every since the Schism of Azmyrdien into Syriel and Cortheim, the demons and human have been at war. It started because of power, and was ongoing because of power. All for supreme power over the other. It was simple enough to understand, yet Razach still couldn't get over it. He couldn't accept the sudden corruption and greed that spread all throughout the two kingdoms. It happened out of the blue, like the evil was seeping out of the earth, eating away at them, causing all their troubles.

"And there's nothing any of us can do about it..." Razach muttered, clenching his fist. "Nothing! Nothing to do but sit and watch everything happen!" He gritted his teeth and started to shake all over. "Watch as greed tears apart our once united kingdoms. Tears apart the friendship that kept us strong, the alliance that promised to always help out." That bond is gone, it's shattered, like it never even existed!"

Razach's aura suddenly flared up, a bright yellow flame engulfing him. He raised his hand and brought it down hard, the rock he was sitting on cracking under the force.

"Damn it..." he muttered, getting up. "Damn all of this... Damn you, Chard."

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