Embarrassing moments

In my life there have been a few

And with this poem

I will tell one to you

Normally one is nervous

To speak in front

Of a group so large

On anything at all

So I take a deep breath

And look upon

Them all

The ones who will listen

My mouth goes dry

My palms sweat

And I feel closed in

Like captured in a net

The words come out

In slow unsure stammers

And my teeth begin

To start to clammer

The knots in my stomach

Begin to tighten

Around the thoughts

Theybegin to frighten

Then a gurgle is made

And a sharp pain rips through

The abdomen that

Holds me together

A beginning squeak

Is the only preview

Of the vulgar noise

That expels itself

My face turns red

As the crowed starts to wonder

What was that sound

Was it a low rumble of thunder?

I play it off

As though nothing has happened

But they all know

What I've done

Now I stand before them all

Shamed beyond belief

For the smell increases

The crowed has parted

I apologize

I'm terribly sorry

It appears as though

I have just farted