Some abyss
It is not wrong
It is not right
I tell you
I have seen
The inside
Of the abyss
And you tell me
You have seen
Rather more

I'm fine
And I don't care
About the bodies
They don't bother me

Look behind you
And you will see
The mould
Broken by something awful
And somewhere around here
Your lover was drowned

Nightmare visions
Cross my mind
But only at the traffic lights
Some new rage
That you can't possibly understand
Creeps up
And grabs me
By the bones

Dream of me
Next time you get a good night's sleep
But you won't get a moment's sleep
Anytime soon
With all this horror around

Vague, twisted memories
Of some past lover
Accepting me back with a glint in her eye
The agony of waking up
And finding falsity
In what you've held as truth

You are not the answer to all of this
Nor Valium
Nor alcohol
But I am trying not to sleep
And you can't halt the progress
Of this awful juggernaut

Time spent alone
Is not constructive,
You'll break down
And remember
What you could never forget
And why
The reason why
Is so disheartening

Don't fall asleep.
Just fall apart.
It's quicker
And much less painful.