Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal Thoughts

They crawl in your

Head like a partite

They haunt your

Days and nights like

A lost soul trying

To get out.

Suicidal Thoughts

They make you feel

Worthless, insecure and

Left out from society

And pushed aside like

An outcast.

Suicidal Thoughts

They plague the mind

And soul like a ravenous

Parasite taking its toll

Before you know it your

No longer whole just a

Fragment of your shattered

Existence holds.

Suicidal Thoughts

Make the beautiful of

The world seemingly

Whither away as a cloud

Of despair seems to suck

Everything away. Trapping

You into a cycle of self decay

Your own Pandora's Box of

Sheer dismay.

Suicidal Thoughts

A first class ticket to a

Hell on earth never being

Happy only seeing despair

Seemingly hopelessness

Always in the air.

Suicidal Thoughts

Can be beaten if you

Remember these things

Dig deep down inside

Yourself and realize it is

A pointless escape what

About those that love me

What would they think?

These fucking problems

Are only road blocks meant

To test our strength push the

Hell through them and show

The world what you are a

Human being an equal and

Above all someone with a heart.

I just want to say thanks to Mark for helping me with this So this poem doesn't really belong to just me.