The End of your Life as You Know It

Welcome to the end of your life as you know it

Are you ready to begin again?

Cause if not then you'll have to get over it

Suck it up; it's not as bad as it seems

The lack of support, the absence of those shoulders

All those places, those special memories

Are sucked from you like a vacuum

All those awesome people you know

Are soon to be the awesome people you knew

All the outstanding friends you have

Will soon become the outstanding friends you had

Communication, however updates

Is unlikely to really keep it all the same

All the firmiliar events you cling to

You love

You look forward to

That's all gonna change now that your destiny

Took a sharp turn

Or will

If not now, then late

And when that change sneaks up on you

You can't just pack up the memories

The places, the people

The friends

And take them with you

Welcome to the end of your life as you know it

And you have no one there for you