Why, I ask, do the good people

The forgiving ones who couldn't hate a soul

The charitable ones who can't give enough

The God-loving ones who couldn't harm anyone

Even if they tried

For lack of coldness, lack of bitterness

Lack of jealousy, lack of spite

Why do these outstanding people

Receive all the pain?

All the traumatizing events?

All the most unbelievable mishaps?

They, of all people, do not deserve

To have their bodies abused

By the tough, cold metal

To have their ears scarred

By the screeching of tires

To have their noses burned

With the stench of warmed rubber on asphalt

To have their tongues intoxicated

Witht the heart-wrenching story

To have their eyes confused

By the blurry swirls of reality falling away

As they fall down

How can such a fantastic person

Have this kind of tragedy happen to them?