Joyous Allegro

Where did it all go?

The emotions, the inspirations

You took it all away

With all the complications

I used to carry

They went hand-in-hand

And now that you're gone

Finally, I am free

You're out of my head

You've left my heart

Yet there is no void

Like before

It's as if you didn't really fill my heart

Just kept my happiness locked up

Behind your shell

Behind my shell

Until I outgrew it

Until I outgrew you

Now, I don't get nervous ar the sound of your name

I don't jump at the thought of seeing you

I don't shake

I don't fidget

I just shrug

My heartbeat has come to an "a tempo"

Back down to allegro from its previous presto

A nervous presto to a joyous allegro

Sometimes down to a leisurely adagio

My heart's no longer in a rush for you