Fearful of these Feelings

What keeps my feelings for you so bottled up inside?

What reasons do they have to hide?

What makes me feel as if our personalities just collide?

How can my emotions be so outspoken and still so shy?

I can tell you anything at all

You'll listen and make me laugh

Always willing to catch me if I fall

But you usually don't let me even loose balance

Now I think about you all the time


Do I really feel these feelings for you?

I think I do

What decides our feelings and how we choose to let them free?

There must be something more than me

I'm so caught up, preoccupied with possibilities

How can I feel this way and never mention a single ounce of my glee?

I can't think of you and frown

Simultaneously; it doesn't work

How could you have turned my world upside down

And pave the way, make things so very simple?

Now I smile so much more


Because I know you feel the same

I'm glad these feelings came

So, why can't I say?

I'm definitely not ashamed

I'm so excited I want to exclaim

Everything so everyone will know of my joy

But most of all, I just want to say

To you, without shame

Just how much I care for you and

How much I just want you to take my hand