what we need here

is to bury the past and embrace the future.

otherwise i could not cope

when the ambulance was sent

for the dead writer and the playwright i so loved

dreaming of willy lohman

when smoking cigarettes wasn't enough

thinking of the fear and loathing in my day-to-day life

and how marilyn never reached the pinnacle of success they wanted.

i'm sure the kennedy boys could be demanded for further explanation.

but jesus chats with them on the call-in talk show and he demands reparation

for all the lives that the host had taken,

and in the end, hung up.

more than you ever know did we see the 1900s slip out and like bedsheets replaced

replaced by sunglasses, fake IDs, things i can't take

because the stem cell of modern technology

continues to grow and subdivide somewhere inside of me

the calendar gets longer and closer to the drought

of lies, of anemic lies, hell-bent on their own destruction like kamikaze death warriors diving in for their last sad victory.

(remember this as you watch the monarch butterfly migration, think of them as the warriors with images flapping on their fiberglass wings)

in other lives, i could not cope.

so spiders and switchblades as i cut my nails on the perimeter

skyscrapers balking at me

but then i didn't understand why

and i got the news hit straight in the face of suicide and old age

that immortality's not forever

even prophets must fall sometime.

it occurred to me death came quicker to us than ever before, and as the rain poured down

i refused to believe my century was no more.