For I am but a Shadow….

By: Arthi

I have peeled off this second skin of mine
The azure and verdant hues
No longer a part of me
No longer the image that I had once portrayed
A pretentious act made for those who never mattered
With the warm colors of the fire that made me once care
Quite contrary
I am the absence of color that makes everything

I have removed the polish from my nails
And the makeup that acted like my second face
I have stripped off these Garments with
Soft colors
Gentle like the heart that once beat within me
Touching like the touch that I yearned to touch
And the touch that made me do this much

This all made me realize that
That these things were not needed

I have thrown water upon this pyre's hellfire
The light, I swear,
Resonated from me
From within me
Off of me

I am to be rectified
And this pyre is to be relit

Staring down upon my reflection
Hazy when viewed in the murky waters of my past
Long flowing hair
Voluntarily chopped off and given to one who needs it more that I
What's left styled and framed to fit this face

I gaze back into now cerulean eyes
I don't want to see these eyes
I'm assimilating into you so that your life
The unearthly substance of your being
Although you will be far away
And although you are living
You will always have a part of you living with me
Within me

I swathe my unclad figure in silk
The skin made for me from the cocoons of the resting
Their hopes to…
Wake up from their… metamorphosis
And these eloquently, elegantly…
Spun threads a symbol of their murder
Meant to be dyed with black and
Tinged with sanguine
The blood of the persona I had killed
A masquerade
A costume made
So that I can be you

Now I put on the same mask that you do
I am your Doppelgänger in the flesh
Another avatar of your true form
So that when I look in the mirror
It's not my face…
But yours
I'll see

Like a statue made in the ancient times
The marble of your figure
Too… Perfe- Expensive
Too expensive… to be blemished
And when/if
A mistake occurs, it is immediately patched up
And carved into
With wax

However, the Sculptor hath not erred
When he had created the Artist
And this work of his
Finer than any other
Smooth marble statuette
The ardor of your splendor
Negates the coldness of your skin
To the touch of my hand
You are indeed flawed
But beyond perfection
A statue without wax
Sin cera

These skills are mine
Spawned from the womb of desire
Desire for you
I'm doing what I knew I always could have done
But you have put substance into my dreams
You have given me the hope of tomorrow
The belief that yesterday never happened
And that today is the time to take my aspirations by the hand
Time to lead them down the path of ambition
So that I can see you again further down this trail
You are my muse
The divine inspiration
Sparked from a mere mortal
And it's your pieces of inspiration
The inspiration posted in pieces
That I look to
That I will look to
When you're not here
With me