I'm Missing You

We had some great times, those I'll never forget

Ended it too soon, and that I regret

A new type of girl to my eyes, I should have been scared

Was stupid at the time, so love is what I feared

And I lost you now, my eyes to shed a tear

It wasn't a year after year relationship that I had wished

And I always think of the things we could have done, but we missed

Plus the tongue action you always had when we kissed

All of these things in my mind throughout my days

Pain in my heart, and know that I feel it in so many ways

We went a while without talking, and regret that I had to

Wouldn't even know what to do, if I ever had passed you

You wanted us to go miles, but yet we only last two

Room could be crowded with girls, but it's you I would choose

Right now we're not together, so we both would lose

I'm missing you right now, and that's all I can say

Would get back with you, though for now, my memories you'll stay

I would want us together, and it's a dream I await

It's not what we seen together, it's what we didn't

Could be mad at the world, but it was me that did it.