Beware the silent warrior,
The wind his battle cry.
He battles your conscience,
Batters your credence,
Wreathing through the night.
Silently watching, waiting
Vanishing before sight.

Beware the silent warrior,
His torch lit by the moon.
And as he nears,
He plays your fears
Like an instrument out of tune.
Mindlessly singing, stringing
The warrior's mystical croon.

Beware the silent warrior,
Your heart his battle drum,
Thrumming the beat
Of impending defeat,
Bidding you to come.
Helplessly marching, prancing
Following to the sun.

Beware the silent warrior,
His words, his ways, his kind.
Treacherous slave
Will follow his grave,
And once inside he'll find
The warrior's heart, his sword
His dark
Lived only inside his mind.