Like a knight in shining armor, I was

Armed with my shield and sword

Never letting my guard down

Always aware

On the look out

For I am in a world

Where pain could be in disguise

Where I could get hurt

Not knowing when it's coming

I knew it

Because I've felt it not too long ago

I have been trapped


I know now what to do

When it strikes again

Expect the unexpected

But all was to be forgotten

All was to be left behind

When I saw the a prince

One winter morning

Through the window of his tower

As I rode my horse

I felt warmth

Despite the cold metal

Grown above my skin

And when I entered

The palace gates

Came the unexpected

I crossed the threshold with a doubt

Leaving my shield and armor

Putting up all my courage

Left with only my skin

A girl dressed just like a maiden

All these have been hidden

Beneath the manly suit

I walked in with no sword

No knife

No dagger in hand


My eyes locked upon his

I felt my heart skipped in beat

I am weak

Inside of me

Two worlds are battling

To live or to die

To try

To trust not to be betrayed again

By my own feelings

I heard myself scolding

Pointing at my own fault

And yet I remained deaf

'What is happening?'

A voice inside me asked

Thinking that maybe

A spell upon me is cast

But in the end of my long walk

Towards the prince I have not known

I could not resist

The freedom

To follow my heart

Not my mind

I made a decision

I have never imagined

I bowed

Slightly bended my knee

Looked up upon him

Right then and there

Without any word

I smiled

I offered myself

Placed my heart

On a silver platter

As the prince embraced me

Sealed me with a kiss

To my surprise

I accepted

The walls that I have built around

To protect myself


Fell apart

I felt love and loved

Warm tears started to fall