Leia Donovan was so excited. Senior year was finally here. Under normal circumstances, she would have longed for another month, week, day away from the hellish torture of Lamounte High School. But this year, her last year, Leia wasn't going to take it.

She was sick and tired of being referred to as "Princess Star-Freak" and "Leia the alien." She didn't want to hear another person ask her just how far is "a galaxy far, far away." And when asked how the Rebel alliance was holding up, or if her dad really had come back from the dark side, she didn't want to have to smile half-heartedly and go to the bathroom to cry.

Leia had lost so much weight over the summer. She'd given up her plastic-framed glasses for soft contact lenses. Her long, brown hair her mom used to put up in twin buns was now short and red. She had the confidence she'd longed for all her life, the kind of confidence only a popular girl could have.

That, after all, was all Leia ever hoped for. She just wanted to get a date on Friday night, like every one else. To be liked, even loved, would be worth everything. But more importantly, to be liked for herself, and not tormented for her name. That would be paradise.

Leia paused only briefly outside the double doors. She stared at her reflection in the glass; her short jean skirt and tight T-shirt looked like something coordinated for a photo shoot. Leia knew she looked beautiful. She smiled in satisfaction. Then, she heaved a meditative sigh and marched inside, mentally preparing herself for what ever might be thrown her way.

I'm not going to give in to some stupid jock. I have higher standards than that. After all, those stupid jocks have been my biggest tormentors. Maybe someone on student council. Oh, I don't care. I only know I'm ready...for whatever they try.

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