Chapter 7: Where You Want to be

Days seemed to fly by and the next thing I knew I was packing to go to New York with Adam and Jayden. Jay was gonna come and stay at Adam's place for the week we were there and maybe go to a few shows before he came back. He didn't want to spend the whole summer on the road. I didn't even know if I wanted to spend the whole summer on the road. I was just going because Adam was my best friend and I wanted to spend time with him.

"We're leaving in twenty minutes, are you ready?" Adam asked in the phone.

I smiled, "Yeah, yeah, yeah Mr. Rock Star, hold your horses. I'll be ready by the time the limo comes," I answered.

He chuckled, "Whatever, Rach. How are Dave and Melissa taking it?"

"Melissa is excited for me, but Dad still is nervous and skeptical about the whole thing. Melissa went shopping again this morning more things she thought I might need. Seriously man, she bought me like twenty more pairs of socks. She just bought me socks two days ago!" I laughed.

That was thing I loved about Melissa. She always was thinking, and always shopping. She made her own wealthy sum being a nurse and she tended to buy me unnecessary things, like socks. She was crazy, but some how I loved her.

"Well, maybe you'll need those socks. You are bringing gym shoes right? We play a lot of kick ball on the road."

I laughed. Adam's kick ball obsession went back to the days when we were kids, probably around five. We always used to play kick ball in street with Jayden, Cody and a couple other neighborhood kids when we were young. We'd play for hours; from the time we got home from school until dinnertime. Then we go play again before having ice cream at the Michaels' house. Cody's mom always had the best ice cream sandwiches and always insisted on having all us kids over. One time Adam's mom tried buy ice cream sandwiches when Cody went on vacation, but they didn't taste the same and we wouldn't listen when she told us they were the exact same kind Mrs. Michael bought.

Adam obviously didn't out grow his kick ball obsession. His band was known to play other bands on the road, and was becoming famous for their kick ball obsession. Maybe the word was infamous, but either way, they had to play kick ball to pass the time.

"I'm almost ready. I have to talk to Dad and Melissa then I should be over soon," I said.

"Alrighty, see ya then," Adam said before hanging up.

I often wondered what it was about New York that Adam loved so much. I guess I never really understood the beauty of the city until I lived there with Adam the summer before I started college. That was two years ago when he first moved there after high school. I found it out again when I visited him last summer too. Now, I somehow found myself sitting in cab between Adam and Jayden on our way to Adam's apartment. This was Jayden's first time going there. The flight from North Carolina wasn't bad. Only about two hours, and I was able to sleep through it.

When the cab pulled over at Adam's high-rise, he quickly paid the fare and jumped out. He quickly unloaded our bags from the trunk as we climbed out of the taxi. "Home sweet home," he grinned, picking up his bag and two of mine. Jayden grabbed his bag and my last bag leaving me to take Adam's keys and get his mail.

After I grabbed the bundle of mail from his metal box, I met the boys upstairs where they were waiting for me at the door. "Come on slow poke, these bags are getting heavy, you packed enough," Adam whined.

I rolled my eyes and quickly opening his apartment door, remembering which key it was from my last visit. "Come on you baby," I said leading the way into the foyer.

I looked around the spacious living area with a small smile on my face. Adam's apartment was a screaming image of his personality.

"Nice place," Jayden said behind me.

"Thanks," Adam said, dropping our bags to the floor. "Now, I'm starving. You guys wanna go out or stay in?"

"Let's go out. I've never been to New York and I want to see what's going on," Jayden said, dropping his bags also.

I smiled and shook my head, "Sure thing, country boy," I smirked, as I placed Adam's mail on a small table near the front door.

"Shut up, and I'm not a country boy. I go to school in Boston," he defended.

"And I go to school in Chicago and I'm still a country girl, and Adam lives in New York and travels the world with his band and he's still a country boy…I think," I said glancing at Adam.

"What? I haven't changed. I'm still the same little Adam you grew up with," he defended.

I shrugged and looked back at Jayden, "See, we're all country boys and girls."

Jayden rolled his eyes and turned toward the door, "Come on, you idiots."

"So where's your roommate?" I asked Adam, looking around the apartment. Adam's roommate, he lived there, but he didn't. I never met him or saw him and I was there for most of last summer and the summer before that. I knew he came and went, and that he was around because I would check his room and see the bed different and I once heard him come in, in the middle of the night, but I never saw him. For all I knew, he was just figment of all our imaginations and just left the rent money on the table for Adam to pay.

He shrugged, "He's probably out."

I nodded and followed Jayden toward the door. Adam followed me and locked up the apartment.

"We can go explore the city tomorrow if you guys want," Adam said as we sat around his favorite restaurant in New York. The restaurant was a lot like Becky's in North Carolina.

"Sounds cool," Jayden said, eating a fry.

"Holy shit man, I love your band. I saw you guys play a month back, and you guys were amazing," this guy with black shaggy hair said walking up to the table. He was wearing a black Moneen shirt with tight girl jeans: typical emo boy. But he was very gorgeous.

Adam looked up from his food and smiled. "Thanks, that means a lot. I'm Adam," he said holding out his hand for the guy to shake.

The guy grinned, "I'm Blake," he said, shaking Adam's hand.

"Nice to meet you, Blake," Adam grinned.

"You too. Do you think I could get your autograph? I really love your band," Blake said.

"Yeah, no problem," Adam grinned.

I glanced at Jayden to find him as taken back as I was about the whole thing. I mean, sure we knew Adam was famous and people other than us loved his band, but we never expected to be interrupted during dinner for an autograph. That was defiantly new. Another thing about the new Adam I would have to get used to.

Blake pulled out a pen and grabbed a napkin from the dispenser and handed them both to Adam. He quickly wrote a small message before signing it with his untidy signature. You could tell he's done this before. I watched how laid back he seemed while talking to Blake and how he almost seemed comfortable talking to a complete stranger. That one was new, also. The old Adam hated meeting new people and was always stumbling over words and was utterly shy around people he didn't know.

"Well it was nice to meet you, Adam. I can't wait until I see Question Authority on the Summer Fling Tour," Blake said.

"Thanks a lot. Your support means the world to us," Adam grinned, holding out his hand.

"No problem, man," Blake grinned, shaking his hand. "Sorry for interrupting your dinner," he said before he walked away.

"So…" Jayden trailed off, playing with his straw in his drink. At least he was saying something and it wasn't me for a change.

Adam smiled and shrugged and continued eating his meatless meal. A moment later I watched a tall, skinny girl with short brown hair walk toward the table wearing a black tank top and black jeans. "Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I couldn't help but notice that you're the singer of Question Authority," she said causing Adam to look up at her. She was smiling down at him with her pearly white teeth and I couldn't help but feel jealous. My Adam was staring up at her like she was his only care in the world right now.

"It's no problem," Adam grinned. "I'm Adam," he said, holding out his hand once again to some stranger he doesn't even know. Only worse this time, it was some girl he didn't know. Some slut that could be just like Jenn Packwood, whose only mission in life was to hurt my Adam.

"I'm Katie. I really like your band. I haven't missed a show in New York," she smiled, grabbing the pendant on her necklace that was conveniently located right above her cleavage. I watched as Adam's eyes studied her hand and breasts, before returning back to her face. Her lips wore a small smirk of success while her eyes glowed down at him.

I was sick watching them.

"Thank you. That must have been a lot of shows. I don't even remember how many times we've played New York," Adam said.

"It's been like, fifteen times," Katie smiled.

I rolled my eyes and glance at Jayden who was staring at me with a raised eyebrow. I looked away and out the blackened window, into the still bustling streets of New York City.

"Wow, you must be a really loyal fan to see a band fifteen times," Adam said. What the hell? Was he flirting with her?

"Or I don't have a life," she replied. What the fuck? Was she flirting with him now?

I cleared my throat and looked away from the window. All eyes turned to me. "Will you excuse me? I have to use the bathroom," I said, scooting closer to Jayden in the booth. He got the hint and stood up, allowing me to get out.

I quickly walked away, leaving them to their disgustingness. Instead of going to the bathroom, I walked outside and lit a cigarette. Who was I trying to fool? Adam would never see me the same way I saw him.

I sighed and looked around. People were still strolling down the street, on their way home from work. New York wasn't much different than Chicago and in Chicago things were very different than home. It had to be a time like this to make me miss home. Adam was so different at home. He was quieter, shy; he wasn't this Adam look-a-like who knew how to talk to girls and strangers. At home he was still my Adam. Here, here he was just a stranger to me. Someone who looked and dressed like my Adam, but he wasn't really my Adam.

A moment later the restaurant doors opened and Adam and Jayden came walking out, both lighting cigarettes. At least I could still count on Jayden. He hadn't changed. He was still my best buddy from elementary school. "There you are. What happened to you?" Adam asked, walking up to me. He looked concerned. It made me feel bad for walking out on him a few minutes before.

"I wasn't feeling well. I came out here for some fresh air," I lied.

He smiled and nodded, "You feel better now?" he asked. He bought it. It was the stupidest lie I could come up with at the time and he actually bought it.

I nodded, "Yeah, but I'm tired. It was a long flight," I yawned.

Adam and Jayden both yawned too, "Yeah, let's head back to the apartment," Adam agreed.

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