Constantly I battle with insanity
Internally screaming for help that may never come
Daily I mask my pain with mock happiness
Praying someone will see through my shield
Hoping my torture will someday be healed

Alas— they are oblivious to my mental screams
And slowly, the wall of sanity to which I cling
Deteriorates to my ever-failing mission;
Panicked I try to claw my way to safety
Though slowly my weak grasp begins to slip
I wail for a helping hand, screaming, pleading
Yet no one came, no one cared
To approach me, no one dared
Tears stained my cheeks, as silently I prayed for another chance
I could feel the harsh edge retreat to my finger tips
The gates of madness lingering menacingly below my very feet,
Finally I loosen my grasp, and the wind beat mercilessly upon my back

In slow motion I fall What is left to fight for?
A planet that's slowly dying? A planet of cruelty and lying?
Only to to be a slave to the world—a failed attempt at society
And I smile, a grin that doesn't seem quite right—as I loose my mind to insanity