Where will it lead?

You have ploughed these fields
You have built this school
You have supported this hospital

I have enjoyed the fruits of these fields
I have learned in this school
I have got vaccination in this hospital

Now you soak these fields with blood
Now you recruit school kids
Now you force the doctors

Now I'm eating plain rice
Now I'm working not learning anymore
Now little sister has tuberculosis

What have you done?

Weren't it our fields?
Wasn't it our school?
Wasn't it our hospital?
Isn't it the blood of your sisters and brothers that is soaking the fields?
Aren't it your kids whom you are abducting?
Isn't it your family who is sick?

Isn't it blood on your hands?
Isn't it ideology on your mind?
Isn't it wrath in your eyes?
Isn't it pain in your heart?
Isn't it vulnerability in your soul?
Isn't it fear in your own thoughts?

You and your anger
Me and my terror
Us in the middle of the road
Where will we walk?
Where will it lead?
Will you ever realise?
Will I forgive?
Does anybody notice?
Will someone help us?
Let's walk together