I am the slave; whipped and beaten

Must I die for the rich?

I am the soldier fighting my brother,

Must I die in vain for a false cause?

Though tears be shed and my blood spilled

No friend to heed my plea

No hero swinging to my rescue

This is a dying humanity

I am the child; a life of labor ahead

Must I die before I have lived?

I am the garbage picker, scrounging for food

Must I die before my time?

Many lives have been lost before me

Mine will be added to numbers

Not a soul cares for me

This is a dying humanity

I am nameless and insignificant

I am one, yet I am all

I am one voice but the voice of the people

I am the voice of the future but a future denied

People will always hunger

And hungered and thirst for justice

When the strong prey upon the weak

I am done