An accident?

I hope not.

Then what would be the point?

To wander around, reproduce…

Bring about more pointless life?

An accident…


Did the universe just explode

And put beautiful trees, animals, and life

On this small spit of rock?

An accident

You say.

Is it impossible to think

That there's a reason we are here?

That there really is a God?

An accident!


Use your common sense!

Oh, wait. Is that an accident, too?

So nevermind.

Good-bye, and have a




Unless, you decide,

There must be a point,

And maybe God is there,

And he really does love you…

Yes! He does! And he wants you to come

To the realization

That you are his child.

This world isn't pointless,

He wants you to know.

Don't give up come,

Come to Him,

Because He loves you


God Bless! And check out LadyofSerendair's stories (she's more liberal than I, so you'll probably like her a whole lot better than me) and Jesus Loves Me! She's awesome!