I was bored today and this is what came of it.

The youngest was 12 the oldest was 73. They had nothing in common except their shared disgust for the mode of transportation they had chosen. The seats smelled musty and emitted small clouds of dust that swirled in the few sunbeams that cut through the dirty windows. The center aisle was sticky, but the more optimistic passengers noticed that it helped them keep balance.

A woman in a grey nondescript uniform walked down the aisle. A continuous sour smile graced her face. It was quite apparent she did not like her job. She carried a box of cheap off-brand earphones. For only 5 dollars, the passengers were offered an escape from their bought and paid for hellhole, a movie.

A young man reached smiling for a pair. He turned joyfully to the middle age man next to him. "Sweet freedom" he whispered. As his hands closed around his prize he offhandedly asked, "What movie is it?" the woman flashed almost white teeth with forced cheer and handed him a slip of paper with a summary printed crookedly on it.

The young man's smile dropped. His hand opened, and as if in slow motion, the earphones, his only chance of escape dropped forever from his grasp. Despair shone on his face as they spun slowly down into the box. The earphones hit the box with a faint clapping noise. The slight thunk of the cord slapping the side of the box reverberated though the passenger's ears. A small crumpled bit of paper fell from the young man's hand and bounced soundlessly on the floor

A talking parrot searches for his family and in the process finds friends and freedom

The young man glanced mournfully towards his neighbor his loss still sending shock waves through his mind. Then his face flushed with anger and whispered with intense hatred, "I hate Buses."