She was clothed in pink form head to toe. Her shirt, purse and necklace all proclaimed the first letter of her name, L, but gave no other indication of what her name might be. L's hair was pulled back into tiny braids and studded with sparkling butterflies. She wore the latest styles of clothes and one got the impression that in 10 years a fashionable 22 year old would look back and cringe

She was 12 She was pink She was glittery. She was insufferable.

L' might have been traveling with her parents but it was hard to tell. She found no one worthy of her presence. It was no ones loss.

Out side the bus America rushed by. Farms, mountains, towns and the livelihood of thousands of people passed through the window. L sullenly watched a parrot talking silently. Amber waves of grain and purple mountains majesty were not good enough for her either.

Two hours into the trip as the movie credits rolled and the passengers heaved a collective sigh of relief, L began to voice her opinion.

As she spouted 12 year old wisdom it became apparent that she found her entire situation distasteful. not because of the dirty seats, dirty windows or sticky floor, but because of the people.

After 10 minutes passed and the sermon seemed no closer to its end there was a rare moment of brilliance. Two rows behind L sat a 16 year old girl. She was the opposite of L. her clothes could not be easily categorized into as any thing other than comfortable. Fortunately for the passengers, she was just old enough to see the 12 year old as a twerp, but not a child, and still young enough to be impulsive.

The teen pulled a large assortment of snacks out of her backpack, including powdered donuts a melted chocolate bar, and a liter of soda. With the food arranged on a plate and the soda opened she crept down the aisle and waited just out of L's line of sight. Several passengers noticed , but made no comment.

A few moments later the bus hit a pothole, the teen fell forward, and the passenger again witnessed slow motion. Powdered donuts and melted chocolate flew through the air and landed neatly in L's lap. and to everyone's undying amusement, somehow the teen studded in such a way that the entire soda emptied on L's butterfly studded head.

A shriek of rage and an insincere apology issued simultaneously. A paper towel appeared out of nowhere and the teen patted L's head. As she did this the teen leaned close to the still shrieking girl. The teen whispered calmly, just loud enough for the girl to hear, "Now, shut the hell up"

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