Crocodile Tears

You've always been there to hold my hand.
To wipe my tears as they fell from my cheek.
To tell me how much you love me so,
To hold me tight and never let me go.

You were always there to cushion every blow.
To fight for me and allow my words to flow.
I can't tell you how much that means to know.
But now I realize I have to let you go.

My tears no longer weep for us.
To begin with they didn't start, maybe I didn't believe enough.
But I realize now I've had too much.
Problems, lies, crocodile tears are all I cried.

But from these problems we can no longer hide.
Both of us are being ripped apart inside.
Hurt and pain nothing at all gained.
My memory will forever be stained.

But now I guess all that's left to say.
I love you so much, but now my feelings must pay.
I'll say goodbye but hope we can be friends.
I'm sure one day we can make amends.

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