The rain was pouring down on her, but that didn't matter. Her long black coat sheltered her, and the music blaring from her iPod to her ears had a calming effect on her mood. She was walking through the park. It was an open area, with a path that ran from one end to the other. No one else was out, and the fact that she could hear nothing but the music at her ears made her feel like everything else was non-existent. She had been vacant all day at school, but no one had noticed because she'd put on her usual mask. However, as she strolled through the park now, her hands deep in her pockets, she sang along to the words in her head.

"I haven't slept at all in days. It's been so long since we have talked." A heavy sigh escaped her. No one was around to hear her words, no one would ever know how well she sang, but that didn't matter, and she couldn't hear her voice either. Her thoughts weren't on what other people were thinking though, a few tears were slipping down her cheeks, and as the song she was listening to ended, she hoped that the next one would bring her some hope, a little lifting of spirits. She was confronted by something else.

When she'd first heard this song, it had been one that she sang along to happily, but as the second verse kicked in, her voice was weak as she sung along. Something inside her was trying to get out, and with the music she was beginning to feel it slipping away.

"Momma never loved her much. Daddy never keeps in touch." Something inside her turned over. Maybe it was her stomach, but she could have sworn it was closer to her chest. Why did there have to be songs that were true to her life? Why did writers have to hurt her so? A heavy breath escaped her, as she reached the middle of the park. Her footsteps halted as another just as depressing song came on through the white headphones. The rain was still tumbling from above her. She could feel the pattering on her hood, as she felt the water soak through, she lifted her hands to push her hood back, turning her face to the sky her eyes twitching as the rain fell into her eyes. She soon got used to it, just staring up in the vast dark above her. She felt so small.

"Why'd you say Hallelujah, if it means nothing to yah" Came the words of Damien Rice in her ears. There was no difference between the teardrops and the raindrops that covered her face now. Something was eating the girl away inside, and it felt like nothing could save her. Falling to her knees on the hard concrete and her head fell to stare at it meaninglessly. She began sobbing, her heart pouring into her expression. The tears were unstoppable, and her 'fit' unbreakable. She didn't hear the yells of her name in the distance.

"AMELIA?" The boy's eyes fell on her. He had suspected she would be here. She'd ended up staying at the park after school everyday for the past week. He felt his heart sink. She would be crying as usual. The same thoughts would be paining her. He would be unable to console her as normal. There would be nothing he could truly do for her as normal. Her tears would bring him down too. He ran toward her as he thought.

Breaking the run, he stood before the girl. His feet just in her line of sight. He half expected to have to drag her home as usual, or carry her as she sobbing unconsolably in his arms. Taking a heavy sigh, he was about to lean down and help her up, but with the music in her headphones changing once more, he was taken by surprise. She leapt up to her feet, launching her arms around his neck and leaning her whole being against him. Settling her mouth against his ear, she whispered a soft "Even when you think you're all alone. I'll be by your side."

Neither needed to know anything more. With a soft sigh the boy slid his hand underneath the back of her legs to scoop her up into his arms, watching her as she leaned in to kiss him softly. She pulled her headphones from her ears and pushed against his arms to let herself down on the floor. Letting her hand lift she curled her fingers to slip between his, offering him a sad smile as the two headed home. She still felt sad, but her moment of torment had ended, and he'd come to save her again. Such was Love.