Sailing the Lady Halfagain

Shadows cluster along the walls,
reflecting a new silence
in the opening streaks of molten gold,
though doused in a rosy hue
(I always knew;
It would seem that I forgot:
dawn rose before the twilight;
I should have known).

If only the moonlight was bitter,
perhaps I would forget to resent
what voice over stare may've altered -
such empty stares they were,
yet furtively alight.

We tasted winds that drew us slow;
(close, closer than we knew)
sunfalls, clouded with cerise shades;
daybreak so distant, vastly unsought;
contented ideals of unfaltering eve
(midnight - "hello…")
but swallow heady wines of amnesty,
or sway me not to smash the bottle.

Because once I found you unsteady -
perhaps I've wished to sink back there
where less lay above;
a sweeter depth to drown in,
yet, lightheaded the same

Draw away, set sail alone -
but holes in the page.
Remind me, please, of what was said…
the words were too thick for ink.

May 4, 2005

A/N - It seems I'm fond of this new style of poetry...ah well. Change is good sometimes.