My cheeks burn from the tears that I have cried

Hours upon hours

I have wept

But before I began crying

I wondered 'why?'

Why did they have to do it?


I feel as if I were in a dream

Drifting, drifting

Does anyone care that

I feel so depressed

I feel as if this moment

Of crying and wondering

Will never end

Through all this crying

I have felt as if I can't go on

I feel as if the

Crying and sadness will never end

But suddenly

When I felt that all hope was lost

I remembered

That they were in a better place

And now that I have realized that

I feel a small bit of hope

Trickle back into my life

Finally the tears

Begin to stop

Soon I begin to feel normal again

I know that the tears

Will probably come back

But I now know

That hope springs


Dedicated to 2 high school guys and 1 one 8th grade guy that committed suicide in the 2004-2005 school year.