Soldiers and Steel: Upwelling

Admiral Gaius Tiberius looked out over the sea with his binoculars. Over the early morning horizons, he could see the all-too clear image of a Ysian armada massing on the horizon. He looked closer at the ships. To an untrained viewer, they were merely obsolete wooden galleons that the most advanced nations had shrugged off years ago.

However, the Admiral was not an untrained viewer. The Ysian fleet was hardly composed of mere wooden galleons. Instead, it was composed of literal ships of the damned. Undead sailors riding ghost ships risen from their water graves by unholy magic. Armed with cannons that shot forth the wrath of Hades itself, the undead fleet was not to be underestimated.

It was not to be overestimated, either. The damned could be killed again. He ordered his officers to commence firing on the Ysian fleet.

We'll send you back to whatever Hells you came from! he thought.

Just then, he noticed a strange glow from above the horizon. They were approaching Tiberius' fleet with a frightening velocity.

We're not having a repeat of Gibraltar, you bastards! he thought.

The glowing objects came closer into view. They were skeletons glowing with blue energy, all insanely laughing an undead cackle as they approached Tiberius' battlegroup.

"Fire!" he yelled.

The cruiser's eight-inch guns let loose a volley of destruction at the undead fleet. The Admiral could feel the massive recoil of the barrage. Off on the horizon, the fleet of the damned was reacting. Three of their ships had been hit, and were on their ways to the bottom, hopefully this time forever.

There was still the wraiths that needed to be taken care of.

"Man the flak cannons!" he ordered.

He had no carriers under his command, so he would have to shoot them down when they got within range. Just as the damned got within range, the first flak cannons and machineguns opened fire. The skeletal wraiths exploded as they drew closer.

"Fire another volley at their fleet!" he ordered.

The eight-inch cannons barked again. What was left of the Ysian fleet was sunk.

Stay on the bottom this time! he thought to himself.

Just then, he noticed something. The gunboat behind him was missing. It had just been their a second ago.

Holy Neptune! he thought. This has got to be some new trick of theirs!

he thought.

Just then, the Admiral saw it. A set of giant tentacles rose out of the water and wrapped around the cruiser. As the creature pulled him under, the Admiral heard a horrible voice in his mind.

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu R'lyeh ftaghn! The stars are right!

That was the last thing Admiral Gaius Tiberius thought as the dark depths consumed him.