This doesn't make any sense to me. Let me know what you think.

Drift to Death---

When can I dream against reality
In starry nights, I long to sleep
Wanting to sleep away all of my fears
But something worse awaits for my tears

Death is hidden in the black of night
Calling my name through it's hollow eyes
"Lay your head down as you drift away"
I lull away as it calls my name

My fingertips brush across it's thorns
And as blood is drawn I feel reborn
Why do I long for all of this pain
Oh blackened death, please take me away

Create the tears on this dead black rose
This screaming whisper, it comes and goes
Can you see the rain on these petals
This nightmare's unimaginable

This haunted forest seems so unknown
Yet somehow it seems to call me home
The poisened fangs in the moonlit ground
It's sinking me and beating me down

And as a tear glistens on my face
I feel the rain stinging me in vain
Oh I cannot fight these sinful means
Those bloody eyes staring back at me

Drift away into a cloud of storms
Press myself against these metal thorns
And as I cry black rose's tears
Down my face it continues to sear

I lay my head down everynight
And everynight, I see those eyes
Death's hollow eyes that call my name
As I continue to drift away

Inspired by: The boredom and tiredness of first period