Ouroboros, caduceus

Enchanted serpents, winding, twisting

Binding my faith in glistening coils

Eternity, duality

One, the endless cycle,

Two, the sign of healing

Bound in continuous circle

And the winged staff of Hermes

Where now is the tempter in the garden of Eden?

Where now is the killer of Cleopatara, the folklore villain?

Return the glory, the sanctity of the Celts

Who worshipped your sinuous form

Bring back the glory of Ancient Egypt

And Uraeus, protector of the Pharaoh

Unleash the Kundalini energy of the East

The Sanskrit serpent power

For eternally spiralling consciousness

Body, soul and mind entwined

Awake, long misunderstood friend

Uncoil from the dark past

And be welcomed to the light once more.