Bahalla Decadence

Beacuse, you know, we could never be.
Just dust and sand - that's you and me
Forever and a night dreaming
On this blasphemous sea
The ruin of ourselves too plain to see

So wake with the winds and forget the forge
Of hardened hearts and shattered tears
We've all been broken too many times
And fears just build up our battlements

Until atop of them, we stand divded
Thrashing about with the rain and thunder
Daring it to strike - begging silently for it not too

We are our own masks of confusion
Worn grey from years of pretense
Glitter and gold now faded
We wait for the music to start

For when we can dance and forget ourselves,
Then we are truly free to begin again
Re-born with the sound of a thousand forgotten yesterdays
Whispered promises in your ears as you're passed

From partner to partner in the open seclusion of the dance floor
And still you manage to search.......

Those indefinable features, that ghost of a smile
A thin whisper is all it takes
To send you running wild,

Scattering the glitz and faded lights
To find your broken soul among the Bahalla Decadence of tomorrow....