You saw my innocence

Though fishnet stockings

And kissed it all away

You looked at me

And made my heart stumble

My lips tremble

Lying here with you

In the backseat moving


And wishing that the interstate would


As the time passes away

Like that black BMW

Going ninety

Like the seconds

But I wish we could cower

Cover up the stars

Those peeping toms need not

Share the wealth

Or the moment sitting

With you and our

Intimacy at the moment

I just want to feel

Want to breathe you

But your love will not let me

Because you have your arms wrapped around me

With such strength

I suffocate with you

And I would not have it any other way

My, mine, possession such a tricky word

I find my way

But only if I walk a thousand times

On the same stretch of road

I would not get anywhere

But you are a passage so different

I cannot help but explore

So put your hand on mine

I can see in your eyes

Beauty will not allow me

To be released from your chains

Who said I wanted to leave?

Time leave me alone


We cannot be there yet

We are not there yet

I still am with you

I have not cried for any boy

But you in so long

Wipe my tears away

Do not unlock my shackles


In the name of love