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About eight years later

Lily moaned when she felt she was slowly waking up. She didn't want to wake up. She tried to make herself as small as possible, but then realized what had caused her to wake up. Someone was softly pulling the shirt she was wearing and she didn't have to think twice to figure out who it was. This had almost become part of their morning ritual and waking up wouldn't be the same without it. Lily slowly opened her eyes and stared straight into the most beautiful little, innocent blue eyes she'd ever seen.

"Mommy cuddle?" The little girl next to the bed pouted.

Lily moved her gaze to the clock on her nightstand and sighed.

"It's too early to cuddle, Leslie. You should be in bed. How did you get out of your bed anyway?"

The girl seemed to think about that for a few seconds. Then she answered.


"Figures." Lily mumbled. "And couldn't you go cuddle with your big brother then?"

The little girl got impatient and decided she had enough of her moms talking. She pouted a little more.

"Mommy cuddle?" She repeated.

Lily gave in. Of course. She loved cuddling with her daughter.

"We'll make a deal okay? First we're gonna sleep a little more in mommy's bed and then we'll cuddle."

Leslie didn't object, so Lily turned around to the sleeping back of her husband.

"Ryan, move over. Your daughter wants to cuddle."

"Cuddle." Leslie agreed as she tried to climb on the bed.

Ryan moaned as he slowly turned around.

"It's early." He said.

"Your daughter's stubborn."

"Not my fault." Ryan's sleepy voice said.

"Yeah, right. Because you're not at all stubborn." Lily said, sarcastically.

Ryan was either too tired to react to that or he realized his wife had a point (probably both), but he did as ordered and moved over a little so that his little girl woud fit in the bed. Lily pulled Leslie into the bed, since she was too little and clumsy to climb in herself and put her in between her and Ryan. The little girl crawled underneath the blankets and giggled a little. She then turned to her father.

"Daddy wake?"

"Barely..." Ryan mumbled, but he gladly gave in when his daughter pouted her lips and leaned in for a wet kiss on her daddy's cheek.

Shen then turned to her mommy again and put both of her arms in the air.

"Cuddle?" She asked once again.

"Not right now, sweetie. It's too early. We're gonna sleep a bit more now, okay? And we'll cuddle later."

The little girl nodded in agreement and quickly lay down. Lily tried to make her daughter as comfortable as possible before laying down again.

"Sweet dreams you two." She said.

"...eet dreams." Leslie repeated and Lily smiled as she lovingly stroke her little daughter's face with her hand.

Ryan had probably fallen asleep again, so he didn't respond. Lily watched how her daughter carefully closed her eyes, to only open them again a second later to make sure her mommy wasn't going anywhere. It was adorable to watch. Kind of like the little girl was playing a game. Too bad her mother wasn't playing. Her mother just wanted to sleep. Lily closed her eyes, but couldn't help herself when she opened them barely a minute later to make sure her daughter was trying to get to sleep too. She wasn't. Leslie was just watching her mother with her gorgeous blue eyes and when she noticed her mother was looking right back at her she giggled again. How could a little person be this awake at this time of the night?

"We're going to sleep, Leslie." Lily told her daughter.

The girl nodded, but the giggling continued and the look in her eyes told Lily more than enough. No way this girl was ever going to fall asleep again.

"Please?" Lily begged. "For mommy?"

As if she wanted to proof her love for her mommy Leslie immediately closed her eyes. Lily grinned a little and then decided to take advantage of this and closed her own eyes too. It seemed to work for a little while, then Lily felt a tiny little hand stroking her face. That's right, Lily was into copying things now. Whenever Lily or Ryan did something, it wasn't too long before Leslie copied it. And now she was stroking her mother's face just like Lily had been stroking Leslie's face a little while ago. She giggled again. Lily opened her eyes and took her daughter's little hands and brought them to her mouth as she smiled and kissed them. The little girl seemed to love this even more and the giggling became louder.

"Ssshhh..." Lily said. "Daddy's asleep."

"No, he's not." Ryan admitted as he turned around to face his wife. "He's really not."

"Your daughter is a pain in the you-know-what." Lily laughed.

"Again, I don't take the blame."

Leslie had turned around now and was softly stroking her daddy's face now, curious to find out his reaction to her gesture.

"What you doing, baby?" Ryan asked.

"She's copying stuff again." Lily explained.

"Can't we get her to copy us while we're sleeping?"

"I tried, but I'm afraid it doesn't work that way."

"Let's just go to sleep, okay? We still have an hour or so to go."

"You're talking to the wrong person here, mister. I'm all in favor of sleeping."

Ryan smiled and looked at his daughter.

"Leslie, can you do daddy a favor?" Ryan asked.

The little girl didn't react, but just looked at her father as if she was mesmerized by everything he said and did.

"Just close your eyes, okay? Close those pretty blue eyes of yours and try to get some sleep."

Of course Leslie didn't react, but Ryan hadn't expected her to. So he just leaned over and kissed his wife goodnight (once again) and closed his eyes again. Lily followed his example. Leslie, naturally, didn't. She just looked around the room a little. Her parents didn't notice. They were already halfway to dreamland again.

"....Oah!..." She suddenly exclaimed.

Lily and Ryan opened their eyes again and looked at each other. They both knew they weren't going to get any more sleep tonight. Lily turned around and saw her other kid, Noah, standing in the doorway. He walked up to the bed.

"It's not fair that Leslie gets to sleep here." He said.

"Who said anything about sleeping?" Ryan said.

Lily ignored her husband.

"Well, for your information, there's enough room left in the bed to fit in one more." She offered.

Noah considered this for a second. Lily knew he actually felt too old to be cuddling with his parents or to sleep in his parents bed, but she also knew that he secretly still loved it. She moved over a little more to show her son there really was more enough. That was enough for him to give in. He crawled over his mother and lay down next to his sister who immediately welcomed him by throwing his arms around him.

"Oah cuddle?" She asked.

Noah didn't give in to the cuddling request, but started tickling his little sister instead. Leslie started laughing which seemed to amuse Noah. It caused the two parents to look at each other and smile a little. They suddenly didn't feel so bad about not getting any more sleep. Not much later Ryan joined the tickling-fest and Lily smiled with pride as she watched her three favorite people in the whole wide world. The tickling quickly became a little early in the morning wrestling between father and son, much to Leslie's dislike. At this, she turned to her mother again and threw herself on top of her. Lily smiled and wrapped her arms around the little person as she hugged her. Leslie moved her mouth to her mother's ear.

"Cuddle now?" She whispered, one last time.

"Yeah." Lily responded, an immense feeling of happiness taking over her. "We'll cuddle now."


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