I have reached the end of childhood
that all children fear
and all adult remember:
discovering the human in your parent
I have spent years hating my mother.
I have spent years adoring my father.
I see better now
as my world has been flipped upside down
With the guidance of a posh pillow
and the structure of a cow hide
we talk and discuss
the past gone away
and the future less vivid-
the feces thrown in playtime
and the food shared in starvation
I am more like her than I ever care to admit
and each day her smile overtakes mine
one day I'll become her
And for so long I've hated her
to hate her is to hate myself
in due time
my mother, she is a human.
I have adored my him
and hoped to be his shadow
in the days that pass
but I see now
his shadows are dark and dreary
cold and shameful
full of secrets, full of lies
my father, he is a sham.
I truly am a fruit of their loins.