There are places of emptiness intruding my walls
places where your photos once hung
there are small tokens missing from places here and there
from my table, from my dresser
things you once owned and somehow left here
I have tried to rid myself of you
and put you in a box
a box I can hide deep withing a closet
in a dark corner
where soon even I will never be able to find again
but I find that I cannot contain you there
after all, you always were
bigger than life, outside the box
I find now that I cannot
simply be without remembering
do you remember when you asked
if I would ever erase you?
And I promised no.
For once I can keep to my word
because I have found that you, my lingering love,
are everlasting in this world as well as the next-
well, perhaps not, but at least
to me, you are permanent.